my first time at sgcc !!

wowow how does time fly! It’s been five months since my last post and I have done absolutely nothing here 😀 In my defence, I did get started on those Swiss Trip posts but… they were too… image heavy haha ;-;

Much has happened in the last few months. I entered university and I just finished my first semester one week ago! Currently waiting for my results so I’m kinda nervous about that.

Recently, I got back into comics so when I came to know about Singapore Comic Con 2019, I knew I was definitely attending this event.Read More »

did you miss me?

Well, well, well… it’s been over two years since my last post huh?

This blog started out as a book review blog but in less than a year, I got tired. Tired of my ever-growing TBR list, tired of putting out review after review, tired of finding things to comment on or trying to make my review flow better (I’m not good with words). So I just stopped and dropped off the face of the world (or the Internet in this case).

Over the last two years, I’ve occasionally thought of reviving my blog. ‘But how?’ the thought would continue. ‘What would I write about?’ 

Then last December, my mom announced that we would be travelling to Switzerland in June and tasked me with planning the initerary. While doing so, I looked up various travel blogs and then it hit me: I could make this blog my journal.

So basically, I’m revamping my blog. I’m gonna write about anything I feel like writing. It’ll probably mainly be about the countries I’ve travelled to, interesting places or events I’ve went to, maybe slot in some reviews and do a yearly update on the badge/manga/comic collection I’m building up right now. We’ll see 🙂 But I think it’s good to set some goals and guidelines for myself.


2016 in review // in which an egg looks back on her 2016 in terms of stats and makes some resolutions


Ahhhh I’ve been so lazy lately. I’m taking at least a week to finish a book. I started watching Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru two days ago and I’m still on episode 2. I lazed about on my bed for almost four hours before deciding to get up and eat something. And I got a sudden spur of motivation when I went about tidying my room but now… I don’t wanna do anything but read fanfic or binge watch something.

Anyways, here’s the post that no one cares about but still seems essential to do―a 2016 wrap-up. Since I’m currently an egg, I’ll be using the survey that Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner has come up with. I also removed some questions coz I got lazy halfway through and my answers got progressively shorter haha… •-•Read More »

my 2016 Christmas wish list that will probably go unread and forgotten by all

As you can see, I may have a slight obsession with Kuroko no Basuke at the moment…

Oh man, it’s been a while since I last did a post that isn’t a review or a monthly wrap-up I have no idea where to start.

Anyways, Christmas is just around the corner! And with that comes Santa with his reindeers, flying sleigh, and let’s not forget, presents!!! Well, unless you’re the one giving, then that’s not very fun is it?Read More »

Teriyaki? Oh… you mean teppanyaki, don’t you?

…That really happen. It was a legit scenario, I swear.

On Friday, my dad asked me if I had ever eaten “teriyaki”. I told him, “Of course I have. I’ve ordered it quite often at Japanese restaurants.”“Huh, really? You know what teriyaki is right? The one where the food is cooked on the table?”“Um, I’m 100% sure that isn’t teriyaki… Maybe you’re referring to teppanyaki?”

Ok, truth is, I had no idea what teppanyaki actually was when I said that. I vaguely remembered that there was something called ‘teppanyaki’ but my mind was thinking more along the lines of ‘sukiyaki’.Read More »