the December in which I am half-dead // a 2016 monthly wrap-up post

This month, I have learnt two lessons: 1) Holidays do not equate to more reading time, especially when you’re going overseas and this thing called motion sickness gets in your way, or when you have the sudden urge to rewatch a series. 2) However, due to these things called clearance sales and exchange rates (and the fact that you actually money to spend), you buy more books!! Even if they’re probably going to end up being ornaments on your bookshelf…Read More »

Numb-vember // a 2016 monthly wrap-up post

HAHAHAHA Y’ALL I MADE A PUN. It’s not even a good pun tbh but I should let y’all know that I am absolutely horrible at puns. I don’t know how people can just hear a word and bling bling, a pun pops up in their heads. So please, just entertain me this once.

Anyways, It’s the 12th of December and I am here to swing into your inboxes with the wrap-up post for the month of November.Read More »

October… the calm before the storm?

Now that October is over, I am legit scared for November. But hold up, let’s talk about October first.

Due to the upcoming Chinese and Project Work ‘A’ Level exams, my school timetable for the past four weeks consisted of just Chinese lessons and Project Work consultations. It wasn’t as intense as when I was in secondary school and had six hours straight of Chinese practises to do, but it gets dull after awhile (I’d still choose this schedule over math any day thanks).

And after almost four months of having a Windows phone as one of my few companions, I have now parted with it, for I now own an iPhone 6+. It honestly couldn’t have come at a better worse time. Considering I have Chinese ‘A’ Level exams tomorrow, I really don’t need the distraction. But I was also freaking out over the fact that some of the books I have to read for upcoming blog tours were in pdf format and it would be tedious to read it on the computer so bless the app known as iBooks. Surprisingly, I still miss that Windows phone. It does have some good features, such as the notifications centre where you can easily clear notifications with the swipe of a finger, the mobile data shortcut, the glance screen, and a bus timing app that works better than iris.Read More »

Wake me up when September ends // that absolutely necessary September ’16 wrap-up post

That was my Whatsapp status throughout the month of September. And my icon was a picture of Danny Phantom being very done with life.

I had thought that September was gonna be a shitty month. A one week term holiday which will be wasted away. Two weeks of school where teachers desperately try to prepare us to sit for promotional exams, and let’s not forget, there was the five days of exams. It turned out to be a pretty dull month instead. This month, I just kinda… lost all my motivation to study. I didn’t even bother to really study for Biology and that is honestly a great cause for worry. All I did day after day was sit in front of the computer, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and Wattpad, my Kindle and homework neglected to my right.

Anyways, it’s the end of September!! (I’m not sure why I’m even happy about that. It’s not like I have hope that October will be better. Just looking at my post-promo timetable makes me cringe.)

So… what have I been up to the past month?Read More »

July ’16 Haul + Wrap-up

Really cutting it close with this haul + wrap-up post. Almost wanted to procrastinate it till next week 😅

Since this month is part of a school term, all my book buying money has to come from my allowance. I gave myself a limit of two books per month, but this month has taught me something important: NEVER BUY BOOKS AT THE START OF THE MONTH. I literally went broke this month. Didn’t even have a single cent left. So now, I have learnt my lesson and I will put off the buying of books till the last week of each month. This I swear on the River Styx. In fact, I think I might go on a book buying ban next month. Maybe I’ll spend the money on props for my bookstagram or just simply save up the money for AFA 2016 or a huge book buying spree at the end of the year.Read More »

June ’16 Haul + Wrap-up

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first monthly book haul and wrap-up post!

The month of June is almost coming to an end. Despite me being on school holiday for the most of June, I didn’t really have more time for reading. Partially because of the amount of homework and revision that had to be done within the month… and also because of me choosing to read fanfics over books most of the time… heh heh… But I had more money to spend on books… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


In the month of June, I’ve added a total of four books to my shelf!! And three of them are hardcovers!!!

  1. The Complete Illustrated Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Finally! At long last, I now own a copy of the Sherlock Holmes books. It’s a bit intimidating to look at but slowly and surely I’ll get through it (-: A huge thanks to my aunt who saw that this was on promotion and asked me if I wanted it and then lugged it from Malaysia to Singapore.
    Read More »