About me

hello-thereI’m glad that you’ve decided to click on this page. Perhaps it was out of curiosity, or boredom. Whatever the reason is, you’re here now, so let me tell you a lil’ bit bout myself.


My name is Zoë and I’m turning 19 this year.

I love reading.

That much is pretty obvious. Why else would I have a blog dedicated to books?

Half my life revolves around it.

I’m always reading something, it’s just a matter of whether it’s a book, fanfiction, manga or the occasional webtoon.

The other half revolves around music.

Currently really into K-pop but I listen to rock music and Lindsey Stirling too.

There’s a small tiny part that lives off games and tv shows.

I’m always searching for new games to play but every once in awhile, I’ll go back to rhythm games such as Love Live! School Idol Festival. Occasionally, I’ll play MapleStory and attempt to catch up on Supernatural. Maybe even have plans to get past episode 4 of Gilmore Girls or start on another tv show. But, alas, I procrastinate.

(This page is a constant WIP. Expect some occasional changes.)

Find me on:

Email: fallxnrobin@gmail.com