About me

hello-thereI’m glad that you’ve decided to click on this page. Perhaps it was out of curiosity, or boredom. Whatever the reason is, you’re here now, so let me tell you a lil’ bit bout myself.


My name is Zoë and I’m turning 17 this year.

I love reading.

That much is pretty obvious. Why else would I have a blog dedicated to books?

Half my life revolves around it.

I’m always reading something, it’s just a matter of whether it’s a book, fanfiction or manga.

The other half revolves around music.

Especially rock music and anything by Lindsey Stirling.

There’s a small tiny part that lives off games and tv shows.

Love Live! School Idol Festival is that one game I can never get tired of. Occasionally, I’ll play MapleStory and attempt to catch up on Supernatural. Maybe even have plans to get past episode 4 of Gilmore Girls or start on Game of Thrones. But, alas, I procrastinate.

(This page is a WIP. Expect some changes over the next few months)

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Email: fallxnrobin@gmail.com