my first time at sgcc !!

wowow how does time fly! It’s been five months since my last post and I have done absolutely nothing here 😀 In my defence, I did get started on those Swiss Trip posts but… they were too… image heavy haha ;-;

Much has happened in the last few months. I entered university and I just finished my first semester one week ago! Currently waiting for my results so I’m kinda nervous about that.

Recently, I got back into comics so when I came to know about Singapore Comic Con 2019, I knew I was definitely attending this event.


From the day I discovered this event to the day before it started, I was contemplating between a 1-day or 2-days ticket. After a lengthy cost-benefit analysis involving calculations of well-being and potential spendings, I finally decided to buy a 1-day ticket. I purchased the ticket online and enjoyed the pre-show price, along with an extra 10% discount that I got from a promo code that I chanced upon while browsing the Instagram of a fanartist who would be boothing at SGCC. Online sales ended at midnight the day before the event (aka 6 December, 2359) so there was plenty of time for me to think through my decision.

One can also add on an Early Bird Pass which allows you to enter the hall 30 minutes earlier! It’s apparently available in limited quantities and has to be purchased with a ticket. I didn’t buy one but after attending SGCC’19, I now see its value.

Another thing to add on is that children who are 12 years old or below can enter for free with an accompanying adult! So taking advantage of this, I brought my little brother in for a walk around and he took pictures of every single thing he saw xD

sgcc tickets
SGCC’19 Ticket Pricings

On the night before SGCC, there was also a Meet-and-Greet session with three Batman artists–Andy Kubert, Greg Capullo, and Jock.

sgcc superfan meet and greet.jpg
SGCC Superfan Meet-and-Greet

I was actually (high-key) considering going for it. The package seemed like a really good deal! Being able to meet some comic book artists? And get some merch and their autographs?? Plus it includes two tickets to SGCC’19??? Just a week ago, my finger was still hovering over the ‘Make Payment’ button. But then I decided I wouldn’t fully benefit from it. I mean, I’ve barely collected any comics so what would I have them sign??? And in the end, the total amount I spent on SGCC’19 was less than SGD179 so I’m glad with my decision! (also the 10% promo code worked for the ticket for this M&G sesh so that’s cool I guess)


Queues. Queues. Queues.

I was either walking or queueing the entire day but that’s pretty much my experience for every event I’ve went to :’)

First, queueing for buying/collecting tickets!

Regardless of whether you are buying tickets or collecting the tickets you purchased online, you’ll have to join the same queue. The queue opens at 8AM, even though the event itself starts at 10AM, so if you’re xiao onz and wanna queue for autographs, go early, get your wristbands, and enter the hall once the event starts.

Having purchased my ticket online, I just had to flash my confirmation email and quickly received my wristband! Then I proceeded to the entrance where everyone who enters, or re-enters, is subjected to a bagcheck. After that, I was in! I arrived around 11AM that day and this whole process took me about 20 minutes.

The venue was hugeeeeee

Secondly, queueing for drinks!

Bubble tea is literally everywhere in Singaporen right now so it’s no surprise that they’re gonna make some appearances at conventions as well. AFA’19 had Tiger Sugar and so SGCC’19 has R&B. Plus, R&B had come up with three event exclusive drinks so that was certainly something to look forward to!

$6.90 each. One size and fixed sugar level.

I wasn’t feeling adventurous that day so I purchased a Mad Love but as I was waiting for my drink, bad luck strikes! Seemed like the staff ran out of some ingredients to make the drinks and the collection queue came to a halt. I waited like… thirty minutes until I finally got my drink. At least the main stage was beside the R&B booth so I just enjoyed the performance while waiting.

Performance by Electone player Samsudin Ng and local brass band, Brass Nation
sweet and creamy uwu

Thirdly, queueing for autographs/sketchs!


This is probably the part every fan looks forward to but my experience that day wasn’t a favourable one.

I tried queueing for one; started once when I first entered the hall around 11.30AM but the queue barely moved in the thirty minutes I was there so I left to have lunch with my family. Then I tried again around 3.45PM. 15 minutes later, they split the queue into one for autographs and one for sketches. And so the autograph one started moving pretty fast. But then when I was just one (1) person away from the front of the queue, the staff told us the artist wasn’t doing anymore autographs.

It was really disappointing :// Plus I wasn’t going for a second day ;-; I do understand that the artist would have been tired after hours of signing and sketching but I hope this can be managed better… Like perhaps cutting off the queue before people even start queueing?? Or having queue numbers or allocated time slots.

Some artists were also selling prints but those are either available in very limited amount or they greatly underestimated the demand.

ANYWAYS, moral of the story: queue early if y’all wanna secure your autographs!!!! Especially if the artist is one of the more well known ones. Better make it the very first thing you do or just go buy an Early Entry Pass!! Hope I have better luck next year xD

Personally, I was looking forward to exploring the Artist Alley and it surpassed my every expectation. For one, it was really easy to move around, even later in the day. Not having to squeeze past the crowd just to get from one booth to another was such a breath of fresh air. I actually walked around the area at least three times!

Artist Alley!! Where I can find things I can afford…

Also note to self: Prepare more cash for future events. Not everyone has Paylah… 😶

There were a lot of other stuff to explore too. Kinokuniya, BookDepository, and NLB had all set up booths so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to reading material. Kinokuniya even had a 25% discount specifically for books bought at the event but BookDepository is still my go-to place for books 😅

And what’s a comic con without figurines and toys??


I’d like to go on but there was really so much to see that day and my brain juices have run out so I’m gonna go ahead and post this as it is! Overall, it was an ejoyable experience and I’d definitely like to attend next year if I can. Maybe even try cosplaying for it? 🧐

Total damage: SGD117.80

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