October… the calm before the storm?

Now that October is over, I am legit scared for November. But hold up, let’s talk about October first.

Due to the upcoming Chinese and Project Work ‘A’ Level exams, my school timetable for the past four weeks consisted of just Chinese lessons and Project Work consultations. It wasn’t as intense as when I was in secondary school and had six hours straight of Chinese practises to do, but it gets dull after awhile (I’d still choose this schedule over math any day thanks).

And after almost four months of having a Windows phone as one of my few companions, I have now parted with it, for I now own an iPhone 6+. It honestly couldn’t have come at a better worse time. Considering I have Chinese ‘A’ Level exams tomorrow, I really don’t need the distraction. But I was also freaking out over the fact that some of the books I have to read for upcoming blog tours were in pdf format and it would be tedious to read it on the computer so bless the app known as iBooks. Surprisingly, I still miss that Windows phone. It does have some good features, such as the notifications centre where you can easily clear notifications with the swipe of a finger, the mobile data shortcut, the glance screen, and a bus timing app that works better than iris.

Mischief Managed

  • Started watching The Flash season 3 and Supergirl season 2 for all the wrong reasons
  • Meanwhile, Once Upon A Time has been put on hold after 13 episodes because #LAZY
  • Wasted away yet again more time on fanfiction, but this time I’ve moved on from Rise of the Guardians to Danny Phantom X Young Justice
  • Leaving reviews more frequently on fanfictions
  • Stayed up past midnight to finish a book just in time for the blog tour event despite having to wake up for school six hours later (worry not, I got about… 3 hours of sleep)
  • Cried over Tokyo Ghoul:re
  • Cried some more over Fairy Tail (hopefully someone will stay dead this time????)
  • Watched Game Theory videos on Five Nights at Freddy’s with my brothers
  • One of my younger brothers doubted my mastery of the English language (he didn’t believe me when I said that ‘fiction’ refers to stuff that don’t actually exist in real life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


(all links lead to my review of the book… though some are incomplete)

17 books in A MONTH???? ARE YOU INSANE? I assure you, I most certainly am. Wishapick was actually read of my own free will and it helped a lot that Amber Sky and Two Graves were both novellas that I was capable of finishing within a day. But looking back at this, it does seem a bit crazy. How did I do it????? I will forever question myself till I once again manage to achieve such a feat. Then I’ll question myself even more.


GUYS, I’M RICH THIS MONTH. OH I. AM. RICH. (also read as having more savings this month or more money to spend on BOOKS). Benefits of exams: YOU SAVE MONEY. Unless you still eat lunch outside but I don’t because BOOKS > food.

So yes, what did I buy???

  • The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
  • The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness
  • The Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Anyone wants to join me in a Patrick Ness readathon someday?? 😀 *is met with silence* Oh, well, okay then. *continues reading in a corner*

Blog happenings

A glimpse into the crystal ball

More reviews and blog tours… what else? But November is certainly going to be less packed than October. Well, for one, I’m flying overseas somewhere during the last few days of November and coming back only during the second week of December, so no posts from me for two weeks. Not like anyone will miss me, right? After all, there are other fish in the sea. Though I may consider scheduling a few posts… I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Also, as mentioned above, I’m scared for November. Why? It’s my birthday month. I’m going overseas. I’ll be done with two ‘A’ Level subjects after the second week. What could go wrong? A lot of things actually. I don’t even need Murphy’s Law to know that November might go down the drain. So here’s the reason for my fear: I’m getting back my promotional examination results next month. On the 14th to be exact. And I know for a fact that I’m not gonna do very well for it. Kinda regretting barely listening in Math lectures all year but it has come to the point where I don’t really care about anything anymore. In a way, I’m hoping I’ll actually retain so I can get myself together before moving on to Year 2. But there’s a part of me that doubts that retaining will actually do me any good.

chat-with-meHow was YOUR October? What did you read? What did you do? Do you have anything planned for November yet? Or just feel free to leave a link to your October wrap-up post!

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