Book Review ― Just Friends by Monica Murphy // oh dear lord save me from all this drama

“angsty teenagers being dramatic and making stupid decisions (as usual)” was originally gonna be in the title but I felt it was too long so here it is, in this opening paragraph instead.

!! super cranky and cringeworthy review ahead. read at your own risk !!

just-friends-2d-coverJust Friends
(Friends #1)
by Monica Murphy

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: 13 September 2016

Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Kobo | Book Depository

It’s the end of summer. Just before I start senior year with my two best friends in the whole world. Dustin and Emily are everything to me. We’ve been inseparable since middle school, and when we’re together, nothing can go wrong.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Em’s turned into a drunken mess who parties too much. Dustin and I have hooked up a few times—and now he’s ready to take our relationship to the next level. Yet I’m not sure I want things to change. I’m scared if I take it any further with Dustin, our friendship will be ruined forever. Then there’s Ryan. The new guy. He’s hot. He flirts way too much. And Em has totally set her sights on him.

So when my best friend betrays me in the worst possible way, guess who’s there to help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart? Ryan. But he’s so confusing. Annoying. Sweet. Sexy. I want to trust him, yet he makes it so hard. What I really want is for everything to go back to the way it was before.

Before I found out that best friends make the worst kind of enemies.

my-thoughts-1Now time for me to express my feelings and thoughts regarding this book utilising quotes from the book and gifs, with as minimal words as possible bc I’m not sure I can use just words without ranting.

1. This didn’t live up to my expectations, at all

I was looking forward to something dark, not a bunch of angsty teens having a bitch fest and hooking up left and right. Also, chill down on the jealousy will ya? Go eat some cupcakes and pizza. You are all in serious need of food therapy.

2. Annoying teens who really need to get their priorities straight

I don’t want to be the last virgin. But I don’t really want her to be the last virgin either and one of us is going to have to be eventually. This isn’t a race.

Um, if the order in which you lose your virginity is an issue, you need to get more hobbies ASAP.

3. Olivia’s POV was a pain to read

I don’t know how I’ve become so completely caught up in this love triangle, as Amanda calls it, but I hate it.

Though I can’t deny the attention is… nice. I’ve never had two guys want to be with me before. I’ve never had any guy want to be with me before, except Dustin. I never planned on us hooking up. It happened almost… naturally, which sounds crazy.


It’s a betrayal, pure and simple. Though how can it be if she didn’t know Dustin and i hooked up in the first place?
Whatever. She messed around with him. He played us both.
She’s a fool.
But then again, so am I.


The only bright side is that betrayal is an excellent diet. I’ve barely eaten anything and I’m guessing I’ve already lost a few pounds.

I would never consider myself petty. I’m not one to stoop low and I don’t like playing games.
But at this very moment, I feel like my life has turned into one giant game, and I need to stay ahead in order to not get burned.
I was already burned by Em and Dustin, and their betrayal cut like a knife.
Maybe now I can finally even up the score.


4. What’s the story about again????

A hell lot of drama, that’s what. And you take all that drama and let them run laps around a track for all of eternity. I know that this is part of a series but it felt like barely anything actually happened in this book.

5. I just really disliked Olivia tbh

Half my problems just revolve around her. Her and her unrelatable thoughts. Her and her stupid decisions. Her and her absolutely useless priorities. She hooked up with Dustin and didn’t tell Em about it, but hey, it was just a drunken moment so let’s sweep it under the rug. Oh but then when Em banged Dustin and didn’t tell Olivia about it? Somehow, Em has managed to offend Olivia and apparently even betrayed her. And so did Dustin for ‘cheating’ on her.


And her relationship with Ryan? 1) not cool mate, not cool at all 2) it basically ran around in so many circles my head spun harder than when I get off a rollercoaster.

Let me present to you more quotes as evidence (in chronological order):

I swatted his [Ryan] hand away and called him a pervert.

Oh. Shit. I’m not stupid. He’s totally flirting with me. This is so not cool. What about Em?

Everything Ryan says is laden with sexual innuendo. And for one breathless shivery moment, I wanted him to talk to me like that again. Touch me again.

Unease slips down my spine. I don’t particularly like Ryan either. He’s funny and awful and sexy and arrogant, yet… I’m drawn to him. It makes no sense.

It pissed me off. That Ryan could flirt with me, say such crazy as hell things to me and then go off and bang Em behind closed doors. What an asshole.

He’s a total douche. A sexy douche, but still.

They finally get together towards the end but that cliffhanger… hmmmmmm… I predict that there will be more laps to run in the next book.

Now I think that I’m the one in need of a chill pill and some food therapy ASAP. I’ve had enough drama for the month.

fuck this shit I’m out

((Maybe it’s because of the cultural difference. Maybe it’s because here, we don’t go around throwing parties and screwing people every weekend so I really can’t relate to the characters or whatever possible problems they’re dealing with. Still, I did not enjoy the dramatic bitch fest and that’s a fact.))

chat-with-meFirst off, CONGRATULATIONS MATE. YOU GOT THROUGH THAT CRINGEY REVIEW. NOW GIVE YOURSELF A SATISFACTORY PAT ON THE BACK AND PRETEND IT WAS FROM ME. Now on to the serious questions: Do you like drama?? How do you deal with drama overload??


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