Release Day Blitz | Review ― Time Phantom by Randy Anderson

This is actually the first time travel novel I’ve read (not counting tv shows) so yes, almost everything in this book seems original to me. It was still an enjoyable read and I look forward to the release of the second book.

!! a relatively spoiler free review but still, read at your own risk !!

time-phantom-2d-coverTime Phantom: Amsterdam
by Randy Anderson

Genre: Time Travel, Adventure
Publication Date: 11 October 2016

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

On his 50th birthday, recently divorced male model Dane Vanderbrouk, is struck by a peculiar affliction. If he remains still for too long, he falls back in time. If he moves too fast, he’ll travel forward. And, when you’re a time traveler the world is an immutable place. Every action vanishes with each jump in time.

Chased by an assassin from the future through the narrow streets of Amsterdam, Dane is thrust into a war where shaping the future means changing the past.

Fast paced action, unexpected twists, and an eclectic cast of characters will pull you into a world where impressions matter, but only an action of consequence can change the future.

Time travel has a new speed, and adventure in a new series.

my-thoughts-1Overall, the story was decent but I didn’t really like the pacing. I was really hooked for the first 40%, where Dane was running away from the assassin from the future while trying to figure out all this time travelling shiz. There were lots of characters, running and a considerable amount of cussing. Then things slowed down, explanations for Dane’s time travelling ability started rolling in, together with a bunch of scientific jargon, and I just kinda tuned myself out after a few pages. It’s not that they were boring, the explanations were amazing, actually. They were solid, fleshed out and ingenious, but it seems that my tiny brain just wasn’t able to process all that information at once. Plus, when you pick up a book after a long day at school, I doubt you’d be wanting to be thinking bout more sciency stuff. So, BAM!, information overload.


What I really liked about this book was its representation of the future. It’s only about 200 years into the future, but many things have changed, and it isn’t for the better. Nature has taken its toll, governments have fallen, and everything is run by a single corporation. It’s morbid and pretty original if you ask me.

Also really glad that this book did not end with a cliffhanger (okay, it kinda did, in a way, but there was an epilogue of sorts). Cliffhangers are good, they make readers want to read on, but they’re overused. Why can’t we just have the characters sailing off into the sunset, awaiting their next adventure?

Time Phantom delivers to us a refreshing and solid concept of time travel, together with an action packed story and diverse (mainly in terms of age) cast of characters. It’s definitely worth a read.


about-the-authorrandy-andersonRandy Anderson is a novelist and playwright. In 2011, he published his memoir, On Making Off. His second book, Careful, was released on May 1st 2014. He is currently working on a new time travel series as well as a literary trilogy. Plays he’s written include; New Year’s Resolutions, Homlessness Homosexuals and Heretics, Testing Average, Kill The President, Armor of Wills, and The Dwelling. If you want to know more, reach out! Randy currently lives in New York City where he writes, reasons, and reacts.

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