Book Review: Soulless (The Immortal Gene #1) by Jacinta Maree

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!! minor spoilers ahead. read at your own risk !!


(The Immortal Gene #1)
by Jacinta Maree

Genre: New Adult, Dystopian, Supernatural
Publisher: Inked Rabbit Publishing
Publication Date: 1 October 2015
Format: ebook
Pages: –

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My Rating: 3 / 5

Welcome to Soulless.
We are the generation that laughs at death.

Reincarnation; what was once considered a gift of immortality has become an eternity of nightmares.

Nadia Richards lives in a world plagued by reincarnation, a system of recycling souls where all past memories, personalities and traumatic events are relived daily in disjointed sequences. Trapped within their own warped realities, not even the richest and most powerful are saved from their own minds unraveling. Madness is the new human nature, and civilizations are crumpling beneath themselves trying to outrun it.

Within a society that ignores death, Nadia appears to be the one exception to the reincarnation trap. Born without any reincarnated memories and with printless eyes, the hot-tempered 19 year old quickly becomes the ultimate prize to all those wishing to end the vicious cycle, or for some, to ensure they could evade death forever.

Readers discretion: Adult language, violence and some adult scenes. For mature audiences only.Read More »

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday post! I skipped the last two weeks ones bc 1) I was feeling lazy and 2) stressed so I wasn’t in the mood to type out my own posts. But, my CAs are over! So I’m just gonna chill for a while before mugging for promos (-:

Today’s T5W’s topic is “Books You Want to Read Before the End of the Year“. Oh wow. Ain’t that easy. Who here doesn’t have a huge “want to read” list?? But well, how does one simply choose only five books out of that mile long list???Read More »

Cover Reveal: Soul Finder (The Immortal Gene #2) by Jacinta Maree

Hey everyone! What are you currently reading? I’m halfway through Soulless, the first book in The Immortal Gene series and I’m enjoying it so far ☺ So today I’ve brought to you a cover reveal of the second book! (*whispers* it has great art)

Without further ado, let me present to you the cover of Soul Finder, the second installment in The Immortal Gene series!!
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Cover Reveal: Pandora (Guardian Angels #1.1) by Melody Manful

‘Sup? Back again with yet another cover reveal. This time it’s a book by Melody Manful from the Guardian Angels series. I haven’t read any of the books in this series but the synopsis sounds interesting 😂 Also, have I mentioned that I absolutely adore book covers with nice art?

Anyways, I’ll just shut up for now and present to you the cover of Pandora, book 1.1 in the Guardian Angels series!

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Book Review: This is Me. by C.E. Wilson

Hi guys! I haven’t posted a review on here for quite awhile so I kinda forgot the format 😅 And I just realised that I’ve written this review just in time for its release 😮

Many thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for the review opportunity!

I would say that this is a spoiler free review but that’s subjective (-:


This is Me.
by C.E. Wilson

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Live and Love the Fantasy Publications
Publication Date: 
11 August 2016

Format: ebook
Pages: –

My Rating: 4 / 5

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Books You Feel Differently About

Hey guys! Welcome to my first Top 5 Wednesday post! Today’s topic is “Books You Feel Differently About“. Basically, it’s about books that I feel differently about after I’ve had time to think about them or re-read them. This is a topic I find to be very true, especially ever since I started writing reviews. I tend to look back at some of my reviews after a few days or weeks, and sometimes I’ll wonder why I gave a book that rating.Read More »