The Novel Encounter

When my parents travelled to Perth, Australia this June, they came across a bookstore called Elizabeth’s Bookshop and the Blind Date With A Book concept, where a book is fully wrapped and you have to base your choice on a few vague phrases written on the wrapping that describe the book. Knowing that I enjoy reading, they bought one for me. They told me of this over WhatsApp and sent me a picture of the choices available, asking me what book I would have chosen if I was there. And guess what? They actually bought the one I would have chosen had I been there! Mother knows best, indeed.

Two days ago, I discovered The Novel Encounter, a Singapore-based online store which follows a similar concept, just that they sell only mystery books. The guy who founded it said that “the concept is one that [he] was a frequent patron of in Australia – buy a mystery book based on a significant sentence on the wrapping and get an awesome literary surprise when [they] mail it to your door”.

Let me just say that I love the name. It is brilliant. Fantastic. And gosh look at their site.


It’s beautiful. Simple, yet aesthetic, and it has a cosy feel to it. And wax stamps. Every book they sell is personally sealed with a wax stamp with their signature logo. It’s so cool.

Currently there are 10 books available in the store for you to choose from and the prices vary for each book ― some cost S$24.00 and others S$29.00. Personally, I think it’s quite expensive. But wax stamps. Plus if you live in Singapore, there’s free shipping for orders over S$50!!

Do they ship out of Singapore? Why yes they do! It’s not international (yet… hopefully) but they ship to these countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom. Each country has its own shipping rate and you can check it out on their site (you have to add something to you cart and check out in order to do so).

No cover art, no plot summary, no reviews. Just
a significant sentence and the promise of a literary
adventure. Created by and for lovers of literature.

Website // Facebook // Instagram

I wish I could buy one of their products and give you guys an honest review instead of simply promoting them without having any experience of their services or products, but my parents are against me reading while I’m supposed to be focusing on my studies. But… it’s okay if I just read during commuting time… right?


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