Book Review: Tainted (The ARC #1) by Alexandra Moody

Hey~ Thought I’d try starting up a blog where I can put up all my book reviews and maybe some other posts such as the monthly book hauls and wrap-ups. Hopefully I’ll be able to commit to this haha. Anyways, without further ado, let’s move on to my first review!

!! minor spoilers present. read at your own risk !!


(The ARC #1)
by Alexandra Moody

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 15 November 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: –

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository | Kobo

The ARC: the world’s last chance for survival, but this underground fallout shelter is the last place you want to be.

At the tender age of two Elle Winters lost everything, when the day of impact transformed Earth’s surface into an icy, desolate wasteland. Fifteen years later, all she has ever known are the cold, artificial confines of underground fallout shelter, the ARC. Under the Council’s rule, ruthless officials roam the hallways and community comes first. Everyone lives in fear of failing their annual testing and those that do are deemed tainted—taken away without any warning or a word of goodbye.

No one has been taken in over six months and the remaining citizens of the ARC have slowly begun to forget the danger. Elle remains wary, but even she is beginning to wonder if it’s finally safe to succumb to her feelings towards her closest friend, Sebastian.

But, no one is ever truly safe in the ARC. Elle is about to experience her own personal apocalypse and with nothing left to lose, she will finally attempt to uncover the truth about the tainted.

Will she find what she’s looking for or are some secrets better left buried deep underground?


While the concept of humans living underground in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t anything new, I do like the idea of the tainted. The tainted are basically people who have said to been infected by an unknown disease and all we know is that they’re taken away to god knows where and the people living in the ARC never see them again.

There’s a certain charm to books in the post-apocalyptic genre, and that is they all involve a dark secret (and usually a corrupt government). In Tainted‘s case, this ‘dark secret’ is the tainted themselves. Where do they go? What disease are they infected with? Why do some people get tainted but others do not? And these are the kind of questions that make us want to continue reading this kind of books.

The writing was simple, easy to understand, and I like that. At least it didn’t bore me to death by being overly complex. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Elle sees the clouds and sun for the first time as I felt that Alexandra Moody accurately captured the feelings and thoughts of someone who has been living underground for almost her entire life.

There was quite a bit of description of the surroundings but barely any description of the characters themselves. We gain a lot of insight into Elle’s feelings, considering that it was written from her perspectives, but there was not much exploration into her personality. The characters all felt quite shallow in this book so I hope that that’ll be more in depth character development in the next one.

I wouldn’t say I highly recommend this book but it’s a good read if you want something to pass time.

So there you have it, my first blog post and review! Hope you liked it. Have a great week and see you all in my next blog post!


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